khendrix85 (khendrix85) wrote in lefties,

Perception Study

Left-handed people are currently WAAYY under represented so far..... responses will help immensely!!

I'm currently enrolled in psychology 436 perception, and for my final project, I am doing a correlational study on the perception of the 'spinning girl illusion' and hand dominance. I need as many participants as possible. Hundreds, hopefully. Please view the link below, then answer the 5 questions below.

1. gender:

2. age:

3. Are you left-handed or right-handed?

4. Did you initially see the girl spinning clockwise (standing on her left leg & spinning right) or counterclockwise (standing on her right leg & spinning left)?

5. Were you able to see her spinning in the opposite direction?
-If so, approximately how much time passed before you were able to see the change?
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